Carpenter's Lodge has been in operation since 1949, so 2015 marks our 66th anniversary! We are located just 6 1/2 hours drive north of Winnipeg or you can reach us by daily commercial airline service from Winnipeg to The Pas Airport. Our eleven spotless cabins are fully modern with well equipped kitchens. We offer boat rentals and guide service. Clearwater Lake is an astonishing sight - crystal clear blue water with visibility to depths of 30 feet.

Our year begins in March when we open up our three winterized log cabins for ice-fishing. The angling season runs until the end of April and we almost always have good ice conditons on Clearwater until then. Our three person, propane heated, ice-fishing shelters will make for a cozy day out on the lake. Snowmobile enthusiasts will love the groomed trails which leave from our doorstep and link up with Flin Flon to the north. These trails are part of the provincial designated trail system and are maintained by our local snowmobile club of which we are active members.

The ice is often late to leave Clearwater Lake so we do not encourage anglers to come up much before the end of May. June follows with excellent fishing for lake trout and northern pike which continues into July and August when we offer a weekly family rate. We also travel to other nearby lakes for walleye, rainbow trout and smallmouth bass.

During our fall season, you will experience both terrific fishing and some of the best waterfowl hunting in Western Canada.


Clean, comfortable accommodation, consistently good fishing for a wide variety of species along with waterfowl hunting that ranks with the best - all these you’ll find at
Carpenter’s Clearwater Lodge,
23 miles northeast of The Pas, Manitoba
Box 695
R9A 1K7

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